Ready to book a fun, interactive experience in Savannah?

Join us for a DIY Workshop. From single participants to groups of 30+, join Salacia in historic Savannah to blend your own fragrance, choose from a range of ingredients, and enjoy this relaxing activity during your stay in Savannah. 

Scrub Workshop

Design and hand mix your own scrub. Great for the kitchen or the bath - hands or whole body! Learn about the Southern botanicals and fragrances that make up our products and select from a range of seasonal scents and exfoliants to use in your custom scrub. Walk away with a handmade jar of body scrub, the perfect reminder of your stay in the hostess city. 

For groups of 5 or more. For smaller groups, drop by our Gift Shop to experience a Blending Bar session. 

TSA approved travel sized vessels available. 

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Clay Mask Workshop

Create a customized clay mask, formulated especially for your skin type. Choose from effective skincare ingredients including natural clays, oils, and extracts to create the perfect mask for your face or body. Our selection of oils from nuts and fruits help your skin maintain a balanced water level which translates into less itchy, healthy-looking, glowing skin. Other oil options quickly absorb into the skin to reduce the size of pores! Mix and match – and add plant-based extracts and the perfect blend of essential oils just for your skin type and needs. Leave with a 7oz handmade clay mask in a beautiful glass vessel. 

For groups of 5 or more. For smaller groups, drop by our Gift Shop and allow our staff to create a customized clay mask for your skin type.

TSA approved travel sized vessels available. 

Moisturizer Bar Workshop

Formulate a Moisturizing Bar for your particular needs. Explore endless possibilities and total creativity in this 1 hour class.  What is a Moisturizing bar? A lotion bar contains oils and butters from plants that essentially melt on your body. There are so many benefits of this product. It’s package free, made with no water, easy to travel with and can be used for skin, hair and as a cleanser.   For groups of up to 6 guests. Drop by our Gift Shop and allow our staff to create a customized Moisturizing Bar for your skin type.

Blending Bar

Our Blending Bar provides self-guided mini sessions of our Scrub workshop that are available without an appointment for drop-in visitors at our Abercorn Location. We provide step-by-step instructions and worksheets to help you customize your product with sea salts, essential oils and natural botanicals. Make a salt soak or a scrub anytime we’re open.⁠ Just drop in.

No appointment needed!⁠


Perfect for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, birthday parties or tour groups, our workshops accommodate up to 32 people per session. We also offer classes offsite for larger, private groups. Don't see a time that works for you, have a larger group, or have a special accommodation request? Is a session completely booked and you just must make this class happen? Email us

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