Private Label

Get your brand or event noticed by placing your custom logo on natural skin care products or candles made in Savannah. Inspired by the coast, Salacia Salts™ products contain ingredients sourced in the South.

Products available for private and co-branded labeling include Body Butter, Salt Soaks, Hand and Body Lotion, Body Scrubs, Facial Cleansers, Bar Soap, Candles, Aromatherapy Shower Steamers and Lip Balms. We offer co-branding of our Kiss My Grits and Signature Candle Collection.

Co-Branded Products

Private Label Products

Personalized items are great for corporate gifts for clients during the holidays or a corporate event.
Our products come labeled with your logo and with or without the Salacia brand name.

Other ideas for personalized private label items:

  • Sell products for fundraising 
  • Favors for out of town visitors
  • Favors for coastal themed events
  • Wedding favors
  • Gift ideas for destination events in Savannah / Low Country

Quantities start as low as 25 for candles, 50 units for most other items. 250 unit minimum for lip balms. Minimum set-up fees waived if over 100 units are ordered. Minimum orders accepted with an additional fee.

Please email us or call us at 912.507.5243 to assist with custom order inquiries or for pricing. We’re happy to help make the process easy and answer any of your questions!

Private Label Co-Branded


Best for retail products to sell under your brand name Promotional products. Labels may include the following Salacia Salts brand references: Salacia, Tybee Salt Cottage, or “Made in Savannah” 

Custom Formulations

Not required. Custom formulations are $250 plus additional $25 per hour for any fragrance or formula revisions Not available

Set Up Fee

$100 No fee if 100+ units


Included; shipping fees apply Included; shipping fees apply


Customization available established Salacia blends, using
Salacia branded fragrance names


Customization available. Packaging samples will be billed at cost. Salacia-style packaging


Custom Use provided templates, using your brand colors and logo


Custom - provided by you or designed by our art department Ingredients label may include the following Salacia Salts brand references: Salacia, Tybee Salt Cottage, or “Made in Savannah”
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