Clay Mask Workshop (916 Montgomery St)


Create a customized clay mask, formulated especially for your skin type. Choose from effective skincare ingredients including natural clays, oils, and extracts to create the perfect mask for your face or body. 

Workshops are available for groups of 5 or more. If you have 4 or less people, join us for a Blending Bar experience at our Gift Shop location (148 Abercorn St. At our Blending Bar, we'll make your clay mask to order after you make all the selections for customization!)

Our selection of oils from nuts and fruits help your skin maintain a balanced water level which translates into less itchy, healthy-looking, glowing skin. Other oil options quickly absorb into the skin to reduce the size of pores! Mix and match – and add plant-based extracts and the perfect blend of essential oils just for your skin type and needs.

Walk away with a 7oz handmade clay mask in a beautiful glass vessel. 

During your visit, you may tour our production facility. Just inquire to learn more about how and where we make our collection! Your workshop will take place in a classroom located within this production facility.

The product will still be warm when the class ends, so we recommend removing the lid once you return to your home or accommodations. It is ideal to allow the final product to fully cool before capping it for an extensive amount of time, or for travel. 

The best size class is up to 8 people, but we can accommodate up to 26 people per session. If you are attempting a booking for a class that will start within the next 24 hours, please note the schedule will not reflect availability. Please contact us. Don't see a time that works for you, have a larger group, or have a special accommodation request? Is a session completely booked and you just must make this class happen? Email us! Let’s make this work. 

NOTICE: We have several locations in downtown Savannah. This workshop is hosted at 916 Montgomery Street. We have plenty of free on-street parking. 

POLICIES / REFUNDS / FINE PRINT: Please review our policies. By purchasing a workshop, you agree to these terms and conditions. 

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