Seep the Benefits from a Sea Sponge in your Skincare Routine

There are numerous benefits to using natural sea sponges in your skincare routine. Sponges are an eco-friendly renewable product, ideal for top-notch exfoliating, circulation boosting and enhancing the surface of your skin. They are inherently hypoallergenic, so sea sponges are great for sensitive skin too.

What is a Sea Sponge? 

A sea sponge is a multi-celled organism that lives on the ocean floor. Despite being technically classified as animals, they do not have digestive, circulatory or nervous systems. Unlike plants, they don’t use the sun to get nutrients, but instead pump water through the complex network of holes in their form, and extract nutrients from around them. This gives sponges their signature porous appearance and makes them very absorbent. Sponges have been on the Earth (or at least, in the sea) for millions of years!

Of about 5000 varieties of sea sponges, only about 12 are harvested for commercial use. Sponges have the amazing ability to constantly renew themselves; you can take part of a sponge without damaging the whole and it quickly grows more of itself to replace the part that was taken. In fact, harvesting sea sponges actually helps them to live longer, encouraging regeneration and self-renewal. Studies have shown an increase in population in areas they are cultivated.

Different Types of Sea Sponge 

At Salacia Salts, we offer grass cut and caribbean silk sponges. 

Grass Cut 

With it’s super-soft and fine pores, grass cut sponges create a luxurious feel making it a naturally caring way to care for your skin. Grass cut sponges are slightly less absorbent than others but they create a dreamy lather. The soft texture is ideal for sensitive skin, and is even safe enough to use on infants.

Caribbean Silk

Caribbean sponges are highly regarded for their fine pores and slightly denser and more coarse than other varieties of sponges. Sea silk is renowned for being soft and absorbent in its ability to clean unwanted grime and leave skin feeling refreshed every time. The silk sponge is also great for getting into all the curves and pores on your face. 

Using a Sea Sponge 

Sea sponges can be used in any part of your everyday skincare routine, with their most common use is facial application. Using a sponge is a simple process and is great for exfoliation and deep cleansing the skin.  They are able to remove dead layers of skin, without being too harsh, along with cleaning your pores. We recommend using the silk sea sponges to help grab clay out of pores and creases after applying a clay face mask. Before using, give your sponge a rinse, apply a bit of cleanser or soap and gently rub on the skin. 

Caring for your Sea Sponge 

Let the sponge dry in between uses - it’s best to let hang dry rather than rest on a surface. Never use a dryer, microwave, boiling water or in bleach. If the sponge becomes ragged, simply trim off any loose pieces. Do not twist or pull at it. 

After every couple weeks, deep cleanse your sponge with a mixture of warm water and baking soda. 1 cup of water with 1 tablespoon of baking soda for 15 minutes, rinse and dry. 

Natural vs. Artificial Sea Sponges 

Natural sea sponges are more durable and retain more water than a synthetic. Some natural sponges can last as long as 10 years with proper care! 

Natural sponges have an enzyme that inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and bacterias (so no more moldy sponges!) 

As opposed to their synthetic counterparts, there are no harmful chemicals in a natural sponge. 

Natural sea sponges also biodegrade and break down easily. 

Now you know why we love the sea sponge so much and why we recommend using it as a part of your natural skincare routine. 

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