Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Salacia Salts

We are all about love stories these days at Salacia. Even our namesake Salacia, featured in our name and logo, has a dreamy love story of being romantically pursued by the god of the sea Neptune before he eventually wins her over.

Create a love story for your SO with a Valentine’s Day gift from Salacia. Shop our fragrances, including our newest: Coconut Crush and Drift, to find a creative gift idea that will make you shine this Valentine’s Day, without relying on chocolate and roses.

Coconut Crush
Coconut Crush is a refreshing combination of muddled citrus, fresh pineapple, and coconut blended with sandalwood. Available in liquid, coconut derived Bubble Bath and Effervescent Salt Soak, this fragrance pairs perfectly with a bottle of bubbly Champagne so the two of you can have a quiet evening in together.

Drift away with thoughts of a romantic couples massage by the sea. Drift’s hint of musk mixed with a salty ocean breeze is available in a Bubble Bath and Effervescent Salt Soak. This relaxing scent is perfect for sharing, which is what Valentine’s Day is all about, right?

The deep, beautiful perfume of the magnolia blossom is balanced with a hint of citrus, bringing warm southern spring nights into your home when you indulge in a Salt Soak.

Midnight Garden
Pique your significant other’s interest with mysterious Midnight Garden, available in Salt Soaks, Bar Soap, Salt Scrub, BathTime Rocks, and Body Butter perfect for an intimate foot massage. Hints of rosemary harken to Roman times with the herb was used in wedding ceremonies.

Or seeah-sucka as we say, a Southerner’s favorite material for beautiful summer days. Seersucker is a simple fragrance that speaks to everyone. Use the Seersucker For You gift set to relax the mind and body, setting the right tone in your house with a crisp and naturally clean scent.


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