It Started with a Dream

Clark Creative’s Cari Phelps had a dream. But this was a dream like no other. It has actually morphed into a real business! You’ve got to be kidding me, you say. No, we’re serious! It went a little something like this…

“In my dream, a client was talking to me about how she couldn’t launch her bath salt product line because the packaging was too expensive. I recommended she ‘go into the backyard’ and dig. You know, because there are medicinal bottles everywhere. We’re in historic Savannah after all! She could clean those out, package her salts in a free container – and provide a unique bit of history for the customer to take home.”

Of course we all know dreams aren’t made of many realistic details. What Cari did find – along with the help of her husband Patrick – is that Savannah’s Tybee Beach was named after the Euchee Indian word for “salt” and the idea just blossomed from there. Instead of using reclaimed medicinal bottles, the company uses 100% post-consumer recycled materials, glass or reclaimed wine bottles from local restaurants in the area. They developed the concept and brand for a natural bath and body care lined called Salacia.

Salacia, the Goddess of Saltwater, has been brought to life through a series of conceptual sketches after thorough research about the mythological creature. Through their readings, the Phelps’ discovered Salacia was a female nymph, defined as one of a numerous class of lesser deities of mythology – conceived as beautiful maidens inhabiting the sea. Salacia was decorated with the attributes of a queen, her waving hair covered with a net and her hand often seen in a raised position, complete with pincers of a lobster. She was sometimes described to have crab-claw “horns” attached to her temples. In the stories she was said to have carried a fish and was known to travel in a pearl shell chariot pulled by fish-tailed horses (seahorses).

The product line launched in August 2012 and we’re excited to allow visitors and lovers of Savannah to bring a bit of history home to their friends and family!

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