A Local's Guide to Savannah

Whether you're visiting Savannah for the first time, or planning your fourth trip, there's always something new to discover in the Hostess City. 

Savannah is a charming and vibrant city with rich history, beautiful landscapes, and a growing creative scene. You can explore the streets with a cold one in hand, and we think that's pretty cool too. Check out this guide of our favorite local spots and activities in Savannah that you won't find in your typical travel brochure, as well as things to do to prepare before your trip.

Before You Arrive

Book unique accommodations. To experience Savannah like the locals, check out Lucky Savannah Vacation Rentals. With the largest selection of locally managed vacation rentals in Savannah's most popular neighborhoods, they have all types of rentals for your stay - from charming garden apartments to townhomes for a larger group.

Do some light reading. Dive into the spooky undertones of the city with the famous non-fiction novel, Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil. For a more light-hearted take on the quirkiness of Savannah, read Savannah Sideways by Jessica Lebos.

Hire a pro. Planning a bachelorette or birthday trip? Let someone else handle all of the planning so you can enjoy the trip. Fête Savannah is a total party planner and our go-to for fabulous Savannah events. They'll take the stress out of your party so you can focus on making memories with your favorite friends.

Local Love

Get outdoors. Savannah is full of tree-draped parks. Be sure to check out the Fragrant Garden in Forsyth Park.

E. Shaver Bookstore. Don't miss this local gem. They have a full library of books, plus a quaint tea bar.

Go antiquing. If you want to get lost, visit Alex Rankin’s Antiques. 

Visit a brewery - or three. Some of our favorites are Southbound, Service Brewing, and Two Tides.

Read up. Dig into what's going on with local makers and businesses with the latest issue of Savannah-published Paprika Southern Magazine.

Shop local. Love catching the vibe of local events? Check out Make Savannah’s calendar that promotes all things handmade and local.

Tours and Activities

Savannah For Morons
Let's be honest, most historic tours are snooze-fests - not this one! Savannah For Morons is a comedy show on wheels that roasts nearly 300 years of Savannah lore in just 90 minutes. A witty, outrageous history lesson, this tour features entertaining comedy skits, musical numbers, a few absurd appearances, and loads of Savannah history.

Prohibition Museum
Immerse yourself in the roaring 20's, when gangsters & rumrunners ruled the day! Artifacts, captivating dioramas, and displays transport you into the era. Enjoy a classic drink while you’re there!

Make a Savannah Souvenir
Be sure to check out AR Workshop® - a boutique DIY studio that offers weekly hands-on classes for creating custom home decor and accessories. In addition to their regular workshops, they offer group packages for special occasions such as team building, birthdays, bachelorettes and more.  

Take a Scrub Making Workshop
Design and hand mix your own body scrub while unwinding in our relaxing space just a block from Forsyth Park. BYOB - we'll provide the glassware. Book now!


Whether you're looking for a cute boutique, vintage clothing, or additions to your record collection, Savannah has a huge variety of unique retail offerings. Luckily, our friends at Make Savannah have put together a directory of great local shopping options.  

Food and Drink

If there are two things Savannahians do well, it's eating and drinking. Here are some of our favorites from Savannah's growing food and beverage scene:

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