Seersucker Signature Candle

Seersucker Hand-Poured Soy Blend Candle

As with nearly all Salacia products, our candles are packaged in a decorative box specifically designed with gifting in mind. All you need is to add a card and viola - come to the party with a truly unique product and gift that your hostess has probably never seen before. Looking for that gift that no one has but fits any style? You've found it! The candle itself is showcased with beautiful white painted glass featuring a navy salt spray pattern on the outside. Each scent is uniquely inspired by the coastal South. Seersucker has a base of warm sandalwood blooming with soft, white cotton petals. This fragrance is good for nearly any home. It's the 'safe bet' since it's a fragrance that's simple and clean. How could that not go over well? Everyone should like the smell of clean! It's a great cotton scented candle that makes the room smell like fresh laundry, a clean house, crisp upholstered linens, open and airy, and of course, an inviting fragrance. The candles are hand-poured in the United States with the highest quality soy wax blends and fragrance oils and promise clean and even burn times of over 45 hours. These candles will burn all the way to the bottom with no soot or residue. The blue glass vessel serves as a container for pens, knick-knacks, accessories, make-up brushes, or whatever needs organizing. The packaging was designed by an award-winning package design team in historic Savannah, GA.

Our Candle Making History and Process:

We started a natural body care line in 2012. Three years later, we decided to launch our signature candle collection inspired by the most popular fragrances we sold in our skin care collection. These fragrances, Seersucker, Shoreline, Citrus and Sunrays and Georgia Peach make up our candle line. 

Our candles are made of soy that helps keep the candle burning evenly all the way to the bottom. The wax blends also will allow for a powerful fragrance "throw". What does throw mean? That just means the scent is 'thrown' across the entire room, filling up your living space and distributing well. 

Hand poured • 8.2oz • Blue 10oz glass vessel • Designer packaging • Soy blend
Made in the USA • Designed in Savannah, Georgia • 45+ hour burn time • Clean burn

    Two images are shown, but shipped item is in blue vessel. 

    Candle Precautions
    Many candles out there are made with straight soy or a wax blend that is made of subpar ingredients. Be cautious when you come across a candle that smells good, looks good but the price tag is also too good to be true. Because they are much cheaper they also won't give you a strong fragrance throw, will likely burn fast, or will burn unevenly so much of the wax doesn't even get melted, and is therefore wasted.

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