Relief Botanical Tea Salt Soak

Give your body a dose of relief with all natural teas, fruits, flowers and soothing salts.

Each bottle contains 8 ounces in a glass jar. Each package includes a sachet for tea leaves and salts to keep a clean tub. 

Relief Blend
Attain total body relief with our exquisite blend of tea leaves, dried fruits, flowers, and herbs with hints of cedar, eucalyptus, and clove essential oils. Pour into a bathtub to soak, settling muscles with the use of sodium chloride. Essential oils of cedar and clove also assist with reducing tension and relieve aches and pains. Cornflower petals aid to reduce inflammation, while alkanet root soothes irritation, offering mind and body relief.

Fragrance Notes
Base Notes: Cedar & Clove
Middle Note: Rosemary 
Top Note: Eucalyptus 

Directions for use: Pour 1/4 cup into a bathtub to soak & relax muscles and mind. 


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