Effervescent Salt Soak Collection with Point of Purchase Display

Point of Purchase available for retail shops to display single use salt soak pouches with a blend of Atlantic Sea Salts and all-natural effervescent bubble bath.

Yes! All natural powered bubble bath is here! This set comes complete with 8 pouches in 4 fragrances, for a total of 32 salt pouches. Pouches are discretely filled, so they can be opened; no testers are needed.

Enjoy the benefits of the beach at home! 3oz each

Skinny Dip (unscented) with the red label has been replaced with Lemon Lavender with a purple and yellow label.

Items are pictured in a bronze pouch. However, in our efforts to reduce our plastic waste and reduce our carbon footprint, we have since switched to a 100% compostable Kraft heat seal bag.

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