Dip Already: Citronella & Lemongrass Mini Dip Conditioner &

Are you a mosquito magnet too?!  SO ARE WE!!! The Summer Camp Mini Dip conditioner bar was formulated for these 9 reasons: * we were tired of insects swarming our heads when we trail run, camp or surf at dawn or twilight * we know you don't want to lug a giant bar to the beach! * we know that the an outdoorsy life can fade, damage, degrade and weaken hair--and we wanted to offer a solution to people who spend their time playing outside * we wanted a conditioner bar that worked for all hair types * we wanted a conditioner bar that was formulated for people who take hair seriously * we wanted a conditioner bar that would fix post-surf or swim hair * we wanted a conditioner bar that let us air dry like a dream but also protected hair from heat styling * we wanted a conditioner bar that saved us money on our expensive salon product habit * we were sick of buying bars that overpromised & underdelivered Say no more to forcing a comb through your hair post swim, surf or shower.
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