Clean Beauty Spa-at-Home Kit

Just the kit to convert an everyday bathroom into an oasis of comfort. 

Gift set includes a Seersucker BathTime Rock, a Natural Konjac Face Sponge, Exfoliating Cambric Cotton Fiber Disk, Linen Mist Pillow Spray, Wellness Room Spray 4oz, Lemon Lavender Body Butter 1.5oz, Seersucker Body Wash 9oz, and a Sea of Dreams (Lavender and Lemon) Shower Steamer.

Konjac is a natural herb grown underground with a soft texture for gentle cleansing that will not scratch while washing away dirt and oil from skin. Use to gently cleanse, and buff away blockages & dead skin cells. Cotton string provides a way to hang and dry the sponge between uses.

The Spray Away Neutralizer for the home in Wellness is a blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon and juniper that may be used on fabrics to eliminate odor and add an aura of health and happiness vibes and fragrance into the room for full relaxation.

The BathTime Rock will soften skin head to toe after soaking in a tub of warm bath water.

An Exfoliating Cotton Fiber Disk, made from natural plant material is amazing for gently exfoliating skin. It is used to invigorate and soften skin, expose fresh skin cells and help to stimulate circulation for the growth of new cells anywhere on the body.

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