Classic Sample Set

Try before you stock and buy!

Our Classic Sample Set will provide you with a variety of EIGHT (8) products so you can test for quality, texture, and scent! 4 items are full sized products that represent the final packaging quality, labeling and / or size. FOUR (4) other items are in "tester" packaging with minimal labels for testing the scent and product quality. By default we will select best sellers and a variety of fragrances so you can experience the full scope of our products. If you'd like to provide us with your top 4 sample preferences, we'll make sure those are included. The other 4 will be provided based on availability and compatibility.

1 Salt Soak - full size
1 Effervescent Salt Soak - full size
BathTime Rock (Bath Bomb) - full size single unit
Shower Steamer (Menthol) - full size
1 Scrub Sample .25oz
1 Body Butter Sample .25oz
1 Lotion Sample .25oz
Linen Mist .17oz in a dropper bottle (not with a spray / mister)

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