Relaxation Gift Set

We've made it easy! Send a gift of relaxing aromatherapy essentials to quickly boost spirits and energy.

Restore your body and mind with our exquisite blend of tea leaves, dried fruits, flowers, and herbs with a therapeutic blend of essential oil notes of rosemary, lemongrass, sweet orange, and spearmint. Pour Salacia Salts Botanical Restorative Tea Soak into a bathtub to soak, settling and relaxing muscles with the use of sodium chloride. We’ve added essential oils of sweet orange and lemongrass to improve focus and boost energy; and eucalyptus and sage leaves to stimulate and soothe, while rosemary and spearmint oils melt away aches, creating a fully restorative experience.

Fragrance Notes
Top Notes: Sweet Orange, Lemongrass & Spearmint
Middle Notes: Rosemary 


To detox, just soak for 20 minutes to calm the nervous system and soften tight skin and stressed muscles. 

No time for a soak? This set also includes a 5 pack of aromatherapy shower steamers, packaged in a silver drawstring pouch. Place in an indirect stream of water in the shower. Made by hand with 100% natural ingredients.

MENTHOL - pure menthol for allergy & sinus relief.

FULL STEAM AHEAD - lemongrass and bergamot for an uplifting push of positive energy.

DEEP SEA CALM - eucalyptus and spearmint for a purifying shower experience. CITRUS

CONVOY - rosemary and sweet orange for a punch of citrus to boost the mind and spirit.

SEA OF DREAMS - lavender and cedar for a calming shower experience. 

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