DIY Southern Botanical Salt and Sugar Scrubs Kit

Exfoliate and soften with a Southern Botanical Salt and Sugar scrub kit!

Whether you are a DIY person or are hosting a girl’s night, we’re bringing the studio to you. Experience the process of creating your own sea salt and sugar scrubs. Custom blend your fragrances with essential oils and natural, southern botanicals. 

This ready-to-blend kit includes the following:

three 4 oz. containers filled with 2 oz. of scrub base

three bags of exfoliants - fine sea salt, coarse sea salt, sugar

four bags of botanicals - rosemary, grits, pumice, pecan granules

four fragrance and essential oils, 0.17 oz. each - coconut lime verbena, cubeba litsea, vanilla, lavender

three wood mixing spatulas

fragrance tester strips

instruction guide and ingredients list

Gift set is packaged in a reusable kraft bag with handle, pictured in second photo.



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