Taakat Silver Bar Brass Ring

Experience the exquisite beauty of the Taakat Gold Bar Silver Ring, a stunning jewelry piece that elevates your style and inspires you to express your unique fashion sense. This handcrafted ring features an adjustable band and a beautiful brass bar adorned with silver beads, making it a versatile piece that can be worn as a statement accessory or paired with other rings for a more personalized look. The artisans of Tara Projects in India have expertly handcrafted this ring, making it a true work of art that you can wear with pride. Let the Taakat Gold Bar Silver Ring be a reflection of your individuality and a reminder to always shine bright! Materials: Brass, glass - Measures: .65"D - Colors: Brass, silver - Notes: Adjustable - Barcode: 732919545913 - Pictured with our Taakat Gold Bar Silver Ring (sold separately) - Handcrafted in India
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