Pearl Loop Earrings

Add a touch of classic elegance with the Pearl Loop Earrings. They feature a beautiful brass oval loop symbolizing strength and endurance, wrapped with eight pearls — four on each side — creating a graceful arc. The timeless combination of pearls and metal adds a distinct, luxurious feel to any ensemble. Whether out on a special occasion or putting together a casual look, these Pearl Loop Earrings are a unique and meaningful addition to your wardrobe. Handcrafted by artisans in India with TARA Projects, working with hundreds of artisans: paying fair wages, providing medical insurance, interest‒free loans and advances, a savings program, and skills training. Materials: Brass, pearls - Measures: 1.75"L - Colors: Gold, white - Pictured with our Chain & Pearl Drop Earrings, & our Charm & Pearl Necklace (sold separately) - Handcrafted in India
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