Salacia is a bath + body care product line made with natural ingredients and regional botanicals, hand-mixed & packaged in reclaimed containers and wine bottles from Savannah venues.


Company History

It all started with a dream.

Cari Phelps, an award-winning designer and branding expert based in Savannah, dreamed that she designed a package of bath salts for a client with an emphasis on environmental sustainability. When she woke up the next morning, she started doing research and decided to make her dream a reality.



She soon learned that Tybee is the Euchee Indian word for salt. This history inspired Cari Phelps to develop this natural bath and body care line using the scents of regional botanicals and natural ingredients, including Atlantic sea salt, to create a unique line of bath and body care products.

Cari founded Salacia Salts in 2012, armed with a commitment to environmental conservation, natural beauty and holistic health. Under her leadership, Salacia Salts creates top-quality bath and beauty products using environmentally responsible ingredients and packaging.



All items are made in Savannah, Ga. and inspired by native Southern botanicals, the spirit of the ocean and chic coastal style. Salacia Salts is available in discriminating retail locations nationwide.

About Salacia Salts

A high-quality line of skin care products, including a Signature Candle Collection and accessories, Salacia Salts captures the spirit of the coast in an exquisite blend of Southern botanicals, fragrances, natural ingredients, and 100% pure Atlantic and Dead Sea salts.


Enjoy a restorative, soothing bath experience with our collection of luxurious Salt Soaks, Moisturizers, Shower Steamers, Hand and Body Scrubs and Cleansers available in seven distinctly Southern scents including Magnolia, Georgia Peach, Midnight Garden, Southern Pecan, Shoreline (blend of kelp, sea salt and sun-dried driftwood scents), Seersucker (fragrance of clean cotton), and Citrus & Sunrays (ruby red grapefruit and juicy orange citrus blend). 2017 will bring 4 new fragrances and two more products to Salacia’s product line. Fragrances will include Skinny Dip (unscented for those with ultra-sensitive skin conditions), Drift, Seaside Citrus and Coconut Crush. These four trending scents will be available in our “Bring Home the Beach” Effervescent Salt Soak Collection, consisting of single-use pouches of bubbling soaks combined with salts for a balance of fun, relaxation and all the natural mineral benefits from the sea. We’re also introducing an all-natural powdered bubble bath, in a beautiful glass jar containing enough product for 12 baths, free of chemicals and sulfates, so you can relax your mind and body. 


What makes Salacia Salts products unique? All items are free from sulfates, colorants and parabens. Plus, our products feature natural ingredients and are hand-mixed and packaged in eco-friendly containers including reclaimed (and therefore repurposed aka “upcycled”) wine bottles. All of our packaged products are recyclable and we use post-consumer recycled packaging whenever possible.

We care about educating people about the products they put on their skin. And we care about how our packaging effects the Earth’s land and seas. Our products are ideal for people with sensitive skin or looking for healthy alternatives to oils and chemicals found in traditional body care. Our goal is to create eco-friendly products that help you feel great both inside and out.

Enjoy. Natural. Relaxation.


Who is Salacia?

The Roman sea goddess Salacia serves as the inspiration for Salacia Salts. According to Roman mythology, Salacia traveled through the ocean on a pearl-shell chariot pulled by seahorses and dolphins.



Salacia, the wife of Neptune, evokes the spirit of the open sea and the female energy of the ocean. Her name is derived from the Latin word “sal,” which means salt.

Salt once served as a precious commodity in cultures around the globe. Today, Salacia Salts is delighted to share these riches with a wide audience.

Let Salacia relax your body and lift your spirit. Experience the nurturing power of the sea. Enjoy. Natural. Relaxation.