Brass Hammered Ring

Hammered Rings made of solid recycled brass by fairly-paid artisans in a worker-owned co-op in Kenya. This modern, minimalist look is eco-friendly, ethical, and on-trend!

Available in Sm/Med and Med/Lg (approx US size 6 and US size 8)


Do these rings turn? 

The rings are solid brass but there are some places where they are soldered that can have a more silvery tint, but it's not the finish wearing off -- its where the contrast becomes more apparent because the brass has developed a patina. Just polished it up and it'll be nearly unnoticeable. 

Do these rings have a reaction on skin?

Avoid washing hands with the ring on since soap or moisturizer can react with the metals. On occasion, people do have a skin chemistry that reacts to brass because brass is made of zinc and copper, and copper is a less common sensitivity than nickel. 

We've sold hundreds of rings and we've had this happened 1 time, and rings are the only thing it's ever happened with because of how tightly they remain in contact with the skin.

Occasionally someone who has a really low pH on their skin or uses lotion that has a low pH can have a reaction with brass. Clear nail polish on the interior will create a barrier to keep it from doing that, but it will eventually peel off. Looking for a more permanent solution? There is a product called Protectaclear that can be used to coat any metal and it's quite permanent and doesn't peel. Some jewelers offer it as service too.

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