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Best Products for Summer Skin Care

Get the best products and tips for Summer skin care – exfoliate, moisturize, and detox with Salacia Salts!

Are you spending a lot of time in the garden this picking fresh fruits and vegetables for a healthy summer snack or spending long hours mowing the grass that grows a little too fast for your liking? Our Hand & Body Salt Scrub is a natural exfoliator, made with 100% pure Atlantic sea salt. It naturally cleanses and removes stubborn scents and grime from hands. It also cuts tough adhesives, oils, sap and grease. The combination of thick, natural oils act as a binding agent, making our scrubs good for hands or all over the body – from the neck down. Ingredients also include Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, and Coconut Oil, made to smooth skin and give it extra love and moisture.

Why exfoliate? As we age, the body is slower to shed skin cells and generate new ones. When old skin cells start to pile up on the surface of the skin, it can leave skin looking dull, rough, and dry. The buildup of dead skin cells can result in excess oil and clogged pores, leading to blemishes and acne. Proper exfoliation removes the barrier of dead skin cells clogging the skin and uncovers fresh new cells below. This opens the way for moisturizing products to penetrate more deeply into the skin, which makes them more effective. If you want healthy, younger looking skin, regular exfoliation is a must.

Did you know that exfoliating your skin can help you lock in a better summer tan? Exfoliating before a day at the beach exposing the newer fresh skin cells allows that fresh tan to stay longer.

How to Use a Salt Scrub: Begin with wet skin in the shower—warm-to-hot water is ideal to soften the skin. Allow the shower to run for 5-10 minutes and let the warm water soften the skin and prepare for exfoliation. Apply the salt scrub in a circular motion. It is important to maintain a gentle pressure not to damage the skin. You can start wherever is most convenient and comfortable, whether this is from the feet up or from the arms down. Rinse it all off with lukewarm water and pat skin dry.

Once only healthy skin cells remain after the light scrub in the shower, use our Body Butter to add moisture. Our body butter is made with Vitamin E and chamomile flower extract. Did you know Chamomile is one of the best skincare herbs available and is particularly useful for skin conditions such as eczema and it’s in our body butter formula. Chamomile is antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and an antiseptic. It is also considered to be hypoallergenic with the ability to neutralize skin irritants—perfect for after enjoying all those outdoor summer activities!

Why moisturize? Moisturize for the best summer skin!

Imagine a day without drinking water or beverages that contain water. Your body would be dehydrated and you would feel tired and out of energy, right? The same concept applies when hydrating your skin. Taking care of your skin by moisturizing it daily will not only help your skin be healthy today, but for the years ahead. Proper hydration makes skin look healthy and has immediate skin perking benefits, but it also locks in water and ingredients the body needs to stay hydrated and healthy. When skin cells are in healthy condition, they can rapidly repair themselves and turnover fresh cells, which plays a huge role in anti-aging. Studies show that people who use moisturizer were found to develop less wrinkles than those who had dry skin and did not moisturize. Health benefits aside, refreshed and moisturized skin feels and looks great. Summer sundresses, sleeveless shirts, and swimwear will look their best on skin that feels its best.

How will I know if my skin is dry or dehydrated?

Dry skin is a type more than it is a skin condition, which means it’s most likely a result of genetics. Medical conditions such as an underactive thyroid, a hormonal imbalance, or untreated dehydrated skin, can cause dryness due to the lack of natural oils produced to protect the skin. Less protective oil in the skin cells leaves you feeling dry, scaly and sensitive (like an alligator!). Dehydrated skin is a skin condition, meaning it is doesn’t discriminate between dry skin, oily skin or a combination of both. Dehydrated skin is temporary and more easily treatable than dry skin. Often caused by external elements, such as weather or harsh soaps (this is why Salacia uses all natural products rather than harmful chemicals in our products), dehydrated skin is simply moisture-deficient skin with low, depleted water content. Dehydrated skin commonly feels flaky, less elastic, itchy and can be caused by over exfoliating, not eating enough water-rich foods or drinking acidic beverages that dehydrate you. Stripping cleansers, cold weather, too much sun exposure and other environmental factors also play a large factor in dehydrated skin.

Skin is made up of numerous layers of water-based cells and an acidic mix of oily lipids and waxes, mostly sebum and sweat, protects the top layer of skin. Dry or dehydrated skin becomes an issue when the top layer, the stratum corneum, is damaged and moisture escapes. How this top layer is left vulnerable is what differentiates dry skin from dehydrated skin.

Treat your skin 2x weekly, or as needed, with a full body scrub to reduce signs of dry, winter skin. The night before you hit the beach, use a salt scrub neck to toe. Moisture rich and skin brightening, this treatment will get your skin in the best condition to accept and absorb SPF for an even and smooth tone.

PERFORMANCE TIP: We recommend shaving the day after use so you don’t clog your razor with the thick coconut oil base (and this will also remove all this great conditioner from your skin!).

If you’re kicking up your fitness routine to get beach ready, try a salt soak after your workout. Our Citrus & Sunrays Salt Soak is an uplifting summer fragrance blend that will relax muscle aches, smooth and detox skin and reduce fine lines from head to toe. Achieve great results through a simple bath regime! Detoxification of your body through bathing is an ancient remedy that anyone can perform at home. Soaking in hot water can assist in pulling harmful toxins from your skin as well as absorb helpful minerals and nutrients. If you struggle with toxins or skin issues, or are just looking for a way to detox and boost your overall health, a salt soak is your answer!

How to Use: Fill your bath tub with comfortably hot water and add ¼ cup of the Salt Soak. Pour them into the bath by holding your hand under the faucet, allowing the bath salts to fall with the water into the tub. While pouring the bath salts into the bath, their fragrance will be released into the steam, allowing for a very fragrant bath.  The bath salts will start to dissolve once in contact with the warm water. After you have poured the salt soak into your bath, you’re ready to relax!  Stir the bath salts into the water and circulate them well for stronger fragrance. If you would like to use bath salts for exfoliation, simply take a small handful of fine-grain bath salts and add a tiny bit of water. Work the mixture into a paste and smooth it over your skin. You’ll be softer and smoother than you ever imagined! To get even more out of your relaxation experience, we recommend lighting your favorite candles around the bathroom and even playing soothing music. So, when you can’t escape to the beach for relaxation, try a spa at home. It’s just that easy!

Don’t forget about those kiss-worthy lips this summer! Kiss My Grits Lip Scrub is the perfect way to prep your lips before a long day in the sun. Our lip scrub is made with all natural stone ground white corn grits, organic sugar, coconut oil, pecan oil, sea salt and vitamin E — the best combination of ingredients that ensures soft, tasty lips! Use Kiss My Grits Lip Scrub to remove dead skin cells so your SPF can fully protect your healthy skin underneath. Simply massage the scrub onto your lips in a circular motion and rinse (or lick) it off! For more all natural lip goodness, try our lip balm on your soft exfoliated lips. Our lip balm and scrub is now available in Margarita flavor. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

If you love spending time at the pool or beach as much as we do, we have some additional tips that are quite simple, but go a long way:

  1. Water is your best friend and the absolute best thing for your overall health while you’re out and about in your yard or on the beach. You will be amazed by how refreshed your body and skin feels with a cool glass of water rather than a sugar-loaded soft drink.
  2.  Apply, and if in doubt, reapply, that sunscreen! While moisturizing and exfoliating can help prevent aging, reversing damaged skin caused by the sun is much more difficult. Don’t forget that beautiful skin is healthy skin!
  3. Did you know that stress also plays a huge role in the condition of your skin? Now is your time to let loose and enjoy your summer vacation! Surround yourself with friends, kick your feet up, and smile often!

Wishing you a bright, healthy, happy summer!

– Salacia

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